It is impossible to offer our clients clearly defined service as a template, given the complexity and scope of pharmacy. That is why we have divided our services into logical sections so as to resemble a full range of advisory services in the field of pharmacy and also to reflect the requirements of our clients.

It is up to you to choose comprehensive counseling or some specific part (e.g. the one that is understaffed) and here we can help you with initial consultation.



  • for manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and nutritional supplements
  • Outsourcing sales representative teams
  • Product launch marketing

Our marketing strategy

We could simply summarise that it is the formulation of set of marketing tactics and procedures designed to achieve the intended aim by using available resources. In case of companies there are the most common: increase of brand awareness, increase of market share or new product launch marketing.

If company resources are spent efficiently, good definition of objectives, good knowledge of the market and competition, and well-chosen long-term marketing strategy are needed. Companies that understood this have long-term benefits, because they have not limited their business only to intuition.

  • benchmarking system
  • low-cost strategies
  • product differentiation
  • market orientation strategies (segmentation, targeting, positioning)
  • strategic plan (short and long-term)
  • sales tactics



Our company is here for you ready to advise, but also to completely cover the regulatory agenda.

he EU legal framework for medicinal products for human use is a guarantee of high standards of quality and safety of drugs and intends to support the functioning of the internal market with measures that support innovation and competitiveness in Europe.

It is based on the principle that drugs can be marketed only after registration by the competent authorities. A large amount of legislation stems from this principle of progressive harmonisation of requirements implemented throughout the European Economic Area. The launch marketing may be authorised at EU level by the European Commission or at national level by the competent member state authorities.

Special rules exist for the registration of medicinal products for pediatric use, small-volume medicines, traditional herbal medicinal products, vaccines and clinical trials. Moreover, once the product launch is carried out, its safety continues to be monitored throughout its life by means of the pharmacovigilance system of the EU.