About us

The company Medicopharm was founded in 2011. In order to achieve effective results it is not enough to know one or two instruments or strategies, so thus also our company, from its initial conception, focuses on complex solutions.

Pharmacy is in the DNA of our company.
We bring rational and effective solutions for sales, marketing and regulation specific to the drug market.

We help clients implement, build and improve the marketing of the pharmaceutical market. We will enable you to fully concentrate on your main activity. Flexibility in decision-making and investment control in selected business and marketing strategy add value for our cooperation.


Values and Principles

Our values are the pillars for the company’s operations, shape our decisions and improve the results of our work. They are crucial for the deployment and implementation of strategies and therefore directly affect the success of the company.

Responsibility in business is important to maintain the integrity of our company to all its members, external partners and ultimately patients, all of us. Mutual trust and respect are the basis for quality partnerships and long-term cooperation and for their fulfillment we continually bring innovative and effective solutions, as a result of knowledge and continuous improvement. It is based on the expertise essential to maintaining and improving quality. Every day we work with passion, which strengthens our determination to achieve the goal and to seek new challenges.


The company aims to stand at the forefront of health care. In order to achieve this, full level of professionalism must be ensured in all areas of our efforts.

As an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible organisation, we place primary emphasis on the path of negotiations with employees, business partners, government authorities and the public.

The success of its business activities depends on maintaining the confidence of these main groups.


Creating values through responsible approach to business and the responsibility of the whole society – it means voluntary integration of social, ethical and ecological principles not only to the corporate culture but also to daily operations and cooperation with all partners. Every responsible company behaves so that its activities were beneficial to society.
We focus on:

  • continuous improvement of our business activity,
  • transparent implementation of projects,
  • listening to opinions of people involved in decision-making in health care.

How to ensure that people have access to innovative medicines and quality health care? Our approach is constructive cooperation with all members of the chain of health care providers.